A little girl with dreams becomes a woman with a vision




Two weeks ago, She was just a kid unsure of her wrongs and rights.

 Today she stands, Stripped of all the beauty she had. Struggling to balance her weary self on her wobbly legs.Behind those eyes was darkness, terror she longed to hide.

She watched him beg. But his weakness only made her stronger. She pulled the trigger, with all the strength, a fifteen year old could muster . All she heard was…click! The gun was empty.

She tried to run, but the pain between her legs was hell. All we heard, was her scream..


Just another story. Just a post. Just a neighbour. Just another girl child. 

A generation, taking things for granted.



The Joys of Fatherhood

When you ask a student, Who is a father? The first answer you get is, A father is the head of the home. He is the one that takes care of us.

A father is the rock of the house, the President, the main man. He is Mummy’s husband.
We live in a challenging world.A world when the average man works two or three jobs,take care of their immediate and extended families, their wives families,steer the vehicle of he home front,protect and sacrifice everything for their wellbeing.

It is frustrating ,how fathers are undervalued, unappreciated by society, unnoticed by the women folk,most especially by their children.

Society tends to view fathers as cold,self-serving,and calculating. But we need to understand that in every aspect of life,even in an organisation,there is always a bad egg. Generalising all fathers as cold, self-serving,is uncalled for.

Back in school, when we jokingly ask each other who they prefer/love more between mother and father, Majority said Mom and why?…My mom is always home,she takes care of us,feeds us. Oh and besides, she carried me in her womb for 9 months so I prefer mom. My mom doesn’t shout at me. She loves me.

Lost in telling each other why mom is prefarable,we forget Dad. We forget the other person who loves us just as much as mom loves us. Dad who is always at work, dad who scolds everything you do, dad who is hard to please, Dad who wants what’s best for us just as much as mom does.

Mothers are generally seen worldwide as the most loving and caring parent.She carried our blessed weight in her womb for nine months,(bless her heart), but hey,Dad is responsible too, Mom does not get the entire credit..ah ah Give daddy small too na.

Thumbs up to real fathers out there,who struggle and hustle to make life comfortable for us all. They may not always cater to your emotional needs,but they cater to your physical and financial needs and do not hesitate to correct you whenever you’re going wrong or making wrong decisions in life. They may not understand you like mom does, but you can help show them that you love them and that you appreciate everything they’ve done for you.

It isn’t easy being a father. It is not easy being responsible for the welfare of a grown female. It is not easy having to work hard for so little money,and yet having to divide it and share it amongst family,in order of priority.

It is not easy going to work from home every single day, and then finally moving to a home close to work, to reduce stress and expenses,and risk missing the warmth of family, not seeing them for weeks.

It isn’t easy being a man and a father. Women and Children of today should understand and appreciate the blessing of having a husband and father so loving.

So if you’re not with your dad at this moment, pick up the phone and call him or text him.If he is no more, say a prayer for him.

Don’t wait until father’s day. Don’t wait till mom reminds you to call your dad before you remember to.Don’t wait till you need money, your dad is not an ATM machine.He has feelings and needs too.

Appreciate Fatherhood. It is a noble calling.  A respectable profession.

Average Nigerian

It’s no longer news that financial noose has been tightened around the neck of the Nigeria economy. Many have sad tales to tell.Jobs have been lost,contract opportunities has waned while free flow if cash is ceasing by the day.

For the first time in Nigeria,industrial unions are bargaining with their employers for a reduction in the work force capacity. Prices of items in the market, assumed an ever increasing graphical curve. Job opportunities are reducing by the day,notwithstanding the ever increasing number of university graduates. Many vocations are being overtaken by technogical advancements. More hands are becoming idle.It is a very sad time in the country. As the change that was expected has taken a negative turn.

In a time like this in this country, there is a need for a change of attitudes and styles to avert being swept away by sudden economic tides. 
The Average Nigerian is not being favoured.

An Introvert

As an only girl child in my family, its difficult enough having three brothers,but its family first all the way.

But then,when you have to share a room not necessarily with them, but with their messy cluster of belongings and constant noise,you have no choice but to live in your head. You might think it then becomes a good opportunity to find peace somewhere else,quiet, and also an opportunity to make friends, but when you think of the friend chatter,endless conversation and spending time with each other, then brothers are enough to put up with.
It isn’t easy being introvert, at home your family think you’re weird, in school your peers think you’re arrogant and you just don’t fit in. You only participate in school activities, because you have to.

Crushing on that cute senior and being to shy or scared of talking to him is really frustrating. It hurts when seeing him interacting with other girls,breaks you up inside_but “talk to him girl_oh no, because just seeing him smile daily is more than enough.Don’t want to embarrass myself,he probably wouldn’t even like me-one bit”

You never get asked out because you aren’t noticed, not in class,not even by the teacher_but you like it “ hey,you don’t stand the risk of being asked a question,failing it and being laughed at”

It feels worse,because you are short-sighted and take the back seat in class.There isn’t any point attending school functions_  I don’t mind scrapping my own graduation.
This was how I felt in my junior secondary school. _and things have changed very little since then.