He died.

He knew he was going to die.

He told them.

And told them what to do.

Observe the funeral rites. But do not do this :

◾️No extravaganza.

◾️No crying.

He died. It wasn’t a slow, peaceful death. It was the one of agony, tears and immense pain, away from loved ones and friends.

He had gone on a work trip some two months earlier.

A fall. A misstep and a drop from the three storey building that took him away from the wife and children.

He wasn’t prepared. He didn’t want to die via falling from the building.

No. He wanted for death to come when he would be ready.. Probably 40some years from now.

Probably, after he has paid the last of school fees for his 9 year old boy when he got into the university.

After he has finished the house he wanted to build in the village.

After he has given his fifth daughter out in marriage

After he has carried all sixteen of his grandchildren and great grandchildren.

When he sits in his front yard and watch the fruits of his labour overripe.

When his wife is ready to go too. I mean.. Romance to the end…

But no, he had to fall and die.

With only one house to his name.

His 9year old son still 9years old and in primary 6.

His second daughter still 17.

His wife, very much healthy.

No grand/great grand children

Unripe fruits of labour.

He died, but at least, he told them not to perform his exequies extravagantly.

They still had to feed.

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Keeping in Shape?


So this morning, wearing my slippery shoes, I had a thought while on my way to class…

Would I be able to jog this same distance I walk to class everyday?

Its not easy to walk from the dormitory, to the New Engineering Lecture Theatre (NELT). It’s about 20 minutes from the dorm. Yes I know it seems like a very short distance, but it’s only 20mins if you take big steps. Now, if I am asked to gear up and jog to the same NELT, I don’t know if it’ll be possible.

You see everyone wants to be healthy and in shape. So there’s aerobics, running, cardio and all of those. But, here in school, I have never seen the need for all those exercises, because I am in shape. Not healthy. A good thin that makes me feel in shape.

Reason is, the distance you walk to class everyday is enough to exercise to keep your body toned and in shape for 5 years.

When you walk to the faculty at 7 o’clock, and walk further to another hall by 9, and keep moving after every 2 hours till about 12O’Clock every single day,you are guaranteed to be physically fit…

Hehehehe… Exercise 😅😅


This colour signifies Consistency and Comfort. Its a colour that would always be here. Often called a safe shade, this colour serves as the perfect hideaway for people who would rather not be noticed. Hey!….people like me.

I’m a sucker for black. I’ve been called out many times on the way that I dress

“You wear too much black. Are you okay? Are you depressed? Anyone died? Are you unhappy? In a bad place?

Sometimes, yes. But other times because I’m drawn to black. Also because 95% of what i own is black. I know how that happened, I stole some from siblings, i buy shirts and when I’m home, I find out its black. Oh well…it gives this Depeché Mode vibe.

No, this doesn’t mean I am depressed or I don’t like a little light in my life. Its not that I’m colour blind. Its that I’m of the kind of people who don’t really care about how they look, but more about how they think.

Black gives off a positive vibe. I think it radiates confidence. And Strength.

It also screams ” I’m not okay”. Maybe that’s why when someone makes it a habit if wearing dark colours, people assume they’re not…okay. My mother especially believes I’m a sad, sad teenager who is not like every other and wonders why I don’t like people and socializing. And why I dress all abnormal.

But seriously, Its like wearing pink PJs with rainbows scattered all over and binging on sugar when sad.


Insecure? Or just in need of company?

Why people, especially girls tend to walk in packs bewilders me. Its fascinating, how about 6-8 girls move together in formation talking, laughing, and just crowded.

Here at school, its not rare to see people walk in groups of threes and fives. But most times, there is this vibe coming off that is quite…lost on me.

Now, there’s a girl group that always move together like a wolf pack. There’s the Alpha Female, And her Betas and Omegas.

So, Miss Alpha, doubles as Queen Bee. She’s the leader of the group, the most beautiful of them all and most times than not, the best dressed. EXTREMELY FEMININE. She walks in front, flanked on her left and right by her betas. Miss B and Miss C. She’s bold, snarly, confident and wears blinding colours. (Most likely RED). All in all, She’s hard to miss. Every member answers to her. She’s Queen after all.

Miss B. Is the next in command. The Highest ranking Beta. She acts Alpha when Miss Alpha isn’t present (which is not often). She looks good too but never tries to overshadow the queen. She is the one the Alpha speaks to most. Chews gum loudly. She’s the second to be noticed after the Alpha. Probably a fierce and Loyal friend of the Alpha, but most likely trying to get ALPHA post DISCREETLY.

Now, they are other Betas and Omegas in the group, but these two run the show. Or in this case, THE PACK. The other members follow the alpha female and walk behind. They try to please the alpha and are often times ignored.. that is until Miss Alpha needs their services.

Its weird how they all strike a pose when the Queen stops for a conversation with a random person. Its also weird when you think of the Queen and Beta talking. Just how exactly does all 7 of them hear what is being said?

And when they all move to classes, they sit in this particular row. Yes.. 7 girls, straight sitting, wearing horrendous pinks, blues, greens, yellows, orange scarves in colours that destroy eyesights.

And when a bad word is said about one,the news passes on and she is isolated. Oh and then she finds this dark corner and cries, lamenting about her sudden a loneliness and might subsequently start plotting how to ruin the group. Yes, it is what it is. Unnecessary torture of oneself. Yes, I know. I’m often times the dump for “friendship troubles” mostly because I just sit down, absorb and keep mute in the dorm.

Why do teenagers find the need to be a part of a “PACK”? Why do people think that they need to follow the trend and be a part of something only just be to noticed, called cute, wear extravagant Pinks, make snarky comments at people and Feel like you own the world?

Is it some kind of inferiority complex that makes teens try to belong? Or are they just in real need of company? I had one girl come up to me and ask me to walk with her because she doesn’t like to walk alone, as she feels it makes her feel like she wants everyone to notice her.I wasn’t going her way and I didn’t want to walk with her but she insisted so much and I just had to walk with her to the store she was heading to.

I don’t deny that people need friends, but why at the prize of your sanity and peace of mind should you try so hard to please people?

It bewilders me when people try to force friendship. Why wear heels if you know you’ll just plop down flat on your face without confidence just a single step the wrong way?

Why wear glasses when you have no eye issues? Why dress like Cheyenne when you know it isn’t comfort for you but just you trying to belong? Why go for things you can’t afford? Why bleach your skin because Alpha Female is a very pretty light?


Don’t force yourself to be like other people.

Why not be the unique YOU you are?

A major mistake is not learning from the past ones

Rants Trial.

Hi. I’m just going to talk about things that are confusing to my person. Things that happen which are pretty fascinating to me.

It might come out as a series…or maybe just rants??


A little girl with dreams becomes a woman with a vision